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Fax on  +44-(0)7005963059 or email us at

Moneybrookers click here to pay using the following email

Please make your cheque Payable to : C J McNeill,
Fuel Saver,
114 Lunderston Drive,
Glasgow, G53 6BS,
Scotland, United Kingdom

or Sort Code: 80-46-92 Account No:10326562

Please  click here for credit debit card  Payments  if you prefer to pay by Credit Card  or UK Debit Card.
( Payments Can Be In US Dollars, GB Pounds Sterling or Australian Dollars, this method will take upto 24 hours ).

  Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to

"C J McNeill".
We use Equifax Transax Subject to Status to Quickly Accept Virtually Any Amount of Cheque with a Valid Bankers Cheque Card & Your Address on the back of the cheque
(add 2% for large orders or 6% for International money orders only No Cheques. NO Third Party Cheques WE PREFER PAYMENTS IN GPB Depending on the amount the bank will charge upwards of �50 FOR NON GPB CHEQUES)

Bank Transfer (direct payment)
  For large orders, you may prefer to pay by bank transfer, also known as a Wire Transfer or T.T. (Telegraphic Transfer). Please Add (�50 or 6% for International Payments) ( depending on the amount the bank will charge upwards of �50)

Our UK bank details are as follows:
Bank: Bank Of Scotland,United Kingdom.
Telephone Number:
Account Number: 11659760
Account Name: Glasgow Coach Drivers Ltd
Sort Code: 802260
IBAN: GB85 BOFS 80226011659760


You can either do a transfer from your bank account to ours (your branch will explain what to do), or you can pay it directly into any local branch of BANK OF SCOTLAND.

Our EUROPEAN bank details are as follows:

Bank: BANK oF SCOTLAND UK,United Kingdom.

Sort Code 804892
Account Number: 10326562 IBAN: GB85 BOFS80469210326562

You can either do a transfer from your bank account to ours (your branch will explain what to do), or you can pay it directly into any local branch of Bank Of South Australia.(St George Bank Ltd Australia)

Please make sure you contact us to let us know when and where you paid in the money. You may need to fax proof of the payment to us to ensure prompt delivery.

Please make sure that your bank includes the following details in its message:
Your full name
Your company name
Your country
Reason for sending funds (eg. USBPP-LLC)

You Can Also Pay by PayPal you must send payments to our email address (add 5% for large Orders) & Convert your order to US$ the current exchange rate is UK�1=US$1.80

Western Union Information (add GBP50) Payees Name:Colin James McNeill, Glasgow, United Kingdom
This is Due to their regulations.

To ensure you are able to get your webhosting Service, you will be asked to provide one for proof of signature.  The proofs may be presented by any of the following methods: + We will Need a Copy of our Credit/Debit Card FormClick Here for the form

To Pay By Credit/Debit Card with our Secure online Authorisation Form payments processed by worldpay without Faxing US Click Here

To ensure you are able to get your Service, you will be asked to provide one for proof of signature.  The proofs may be presented by any of the following methods: + We will Need a Copy of our Credit/Debit Card Form, Click Here for the form:
  1. Fax
  2. Post  (photocopy, not original)


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