Customer Testimonials

During the last 6 years weve been in business, we have received thousands of Letters & Thank You E-Mails from customers telling us how well our program really works. At the time we received them, we would print them out & pass them around the office to show our research & development staff the great work they have been doing & how happy customers are with their newfound credit file.

Until now, that was all weve done with them. Well, our web designer got the idea to post the messages on our web site to let others know just how well our program is. From the research of how people follow directions to the actual designing & layout of the easy step by step program, every detail was well thought out & planned. So from now on, we are going to post the Thank You letters on this page, unedited, just as it came to us. So, please come back often & see what others have to say about our program.


You people are crazy exposing this kinda info. to the public, but thankx guys, your program really saved me !! I would have paid 10 times that for what your program allowed me to do.
Its apparent that youre not in it solely for the money. Thankx again. 

Mike Friedman, Buffalo, N.Y.

This e-mail was recd on Mar 15, 2002.

I just wanted to say that I received your information on Fri. & think that this is the most airtight program yet. Im so happy that it exists. I noticed that you really took the time to research each step & walk the reader through it. I was a little skeptical at first, but you proved me wrong. I hope this letter will help your company as I am trying to show my gratification. Feel free to use this information to convince others. Its the least I could do for what youve given me. Thanks.

Christina Lopez, San Diego, CA.

This e-mail was recd on Mar 2, 2002.

I am very excited about the new start youve given me. I will continue to pay my old obligations, but in the meantime I know Im going to enjoy my new car that Im buying next month & thats just the beginning. Thank God you notified me about this new credit deal. I probably would have had to wait another 4 years for my credit to be restored. Thank you.

Suzanne Henderson, London, England.

This e-mail was recd on Feb 25, 2003.

A new credit file, yeah right. My wife said you were a scam. I told her what do we have to lose. A mere $40 bucks. I told her she spends more then that on her nails every week. Boy is she eating her words now. And since were both using it. It came out to like $20 ea. This has got to be one of the best things Ive done yet. I dont know how you found all this out, but Im glad you notified us. Youve got my vote, Just wanted to say thank you & god bless.

Bill & Geraldine Thompson, Atlanta, GA.

This e-mail was recd on Feb 22, 2002.

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